Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Lottie's Looks - The Perfect Party Pumps

I love shoes! Especially teeny tiny baby shoes. And yes, I know they grow out of them in like, a second, but I don't care. As a stylist I will always think of a look from top to toe. Even when Lottie was a baby, she wore shoes. I just wasn't a fan of just socks or tights, to me the outfit looked unfinished or incomplete. So imagine my excitement when she actually started walking and therefore NEEDED shoes!

I can't not have a browse in any kids shoe departments, I just can't. So, picture the scene when I was in Next, walking through having just returned some items from a shoot, and I spotted these.....

Gold shoes, from £14, NEXT

Gold - great! Ballet style - fab! Scallop edging - sold! These little party pumps not only tick all the trends but with the scallop trim they resemble the Chloe pumps I literally would give my right arm for..... (fingers crossed this year, 'eh Santa!)

Metallics will always be in style, they are so wearable by using them as your statement piece and work the rest of your outfit around them. They will instantly lift a plain, understated dress to another level. And also look pretty cool with denim too, therefore upping your cost per wear and making them a vital wardrobe staple.......Have I convinced you yet?!

Anyway, cutting a long story short, I bought them in 10 seconds flat!

We've had so many birthdays and parties this month (including Lottie who turned 2! yay), it's been so crazy but oh so fun. And what with Christmas (yes, I said it) fast approaching, the outfit planning and present buying research has already started. These shoes will be so great for all the parties your little girls have coming up. Here's how Lottie wore them......


Coat, £39.99, ZARA

Happy Shopping!


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