Friday, 30 September 2016

Freaky Friday Part II: The BOYS

Now, I know when it comes to dressing up, most boys opt for Spiderman (or any other Marvel character) and I figured that we all know where to get those from. Here, I wanted to put together some boys outfits that were a bit more stylish and frankly, cooler. So, as promised, here's my BOYS EDIT:


1. Top hat, £3.99, Party Delights - BUY HERE
2. Dracula set, £14.99, H&M (sizes 18 mths-10 yrs) - BUY HERE 
3. Face paints, £5, John Lewis - BUY HERE 
4. Skinny chinos, from £6, Next - BUY HERE 
5. Treat bags (pack of 8), £9.99, Meri Meri at Amazon - BUY HERE 
6. Shoes, £35.99, Mango - BUY HERE


1. Sword, £15, Hedgehog - BUY HERE
2. Knight top, £14.99, H&M (sizes 18 mths-10 yrs) - BUY HERE
3. Shield, £13, Hedgehog - BUY HERE 
4. Stripe top, £24.50, Petit Bateau - BUY HERE 
5. Trousers, £19.99, Zara - BUY HERE  
6. High tops, £19, Boden - BUY HERE 


1. Hat, £22, Molo at Alex and Alexa - BUY HERE
2. 'Glow in the dark' Onesie, from £13, M&S (sizes 1-10 yrs) - BUY HERE
3. Gilet, from £15, Next - BUY HERE
4. Tattoos (pack of 2), £1.99, Meri Meri at Party Ark - BUY HERE
5. Backpack, £28, Billybandit at Alex and Alexa - BUY HERE
6. Pumps, £19.95, Gap - BUY HERE


1 & 2. Wizard set, £14.99, H&M (sizes 18 mths-12 yrs) - BUY HERE
3. Sweatshirt, £39, Bobo Choses at Scout & Co - BUY HERE 
4. Jeans, £35, Deux Par Deux at Childrensalon - BUY HERE 
5. Pack of 5 Socks, £7, M&S - BUY HERE 
6. Stan Smiths, from £35, Adidas Originals at Schuh - BUY HERE


1. Hat, £22, IKKS at Childrensalon - BUY HERE
2. Romper, £31, Beau Loves at Hip Little People (3-18 mths) - BUY HERE 
3. Bib, £3, M&S - BUY HERE
4. Pram shoes, £8, M&S - BUY HERE

Happy Shopping!


Friday, 23 September 2016

Freaky Friday Part I: The GIRLS

When it comes to fancy dress, I like to still keep an element of style. And at Halloween that can be tricky when every shop is selling the same version of a witch or a skeleton. I wanted to find some costumes that were easy on the eye, not too garish and had a cool fashion twist. So, first up here's my GIRLS EDIT:

 1. Star hair clips, £5, Rockahula Kids - BUY HERE
 2. Super girl dress, from £18, M&S (sizes 3-12yrs) - BUY HERE
 3. Mittens, £9.99, Gap - BUY HERE
 4. Personalised cape, £35, Notonthehighstreet - BUY HERE
 5. Bumbag, £9, Next - BUY HERE
 6. Lace up pumps, £25.99, Zara - BUY HERE

1. Earmuffs, £12.99, Mango - BUY HERE
2. Fairy dress, from £16, M&S (sizes 3-8yrs) - BUY HERE
3. Coat, from £26, Next - BUY HERE
4. Bag, £16.99, Mango - BUY HERE
5. Knee high socks, £10.50, J Crew - BUY HERE
6. Shoes, from £34.50, Boden - BUY HERE

1. Faux fur gilet, £14, Tesco - BUY HERE
2. Skeleton, £11, George at Asda (sizes 5-12yrs) - BUY HERE
3. Wash off nail polish, £6.24, Nailmatic at Smallable - BUY HERE
4. Glow in the dark gloves, £7, John Lewis - BUY HERE
5. Bag, £6, Next - BUY HERE
6. High tops, £19.99, Zara - BUY HERE  

 1. Ears hair clips, £6, @made_by_bea_uk - BUY HERE
2. Tutu, £9.99, H&M (sizes 18mths-8yrs) - BUY HERE
3. Wrap top, £5.99, H&M - BUY HERE
4. Wings & wand, £6.99, H&M - BUY HERE
5. Knee high socks, £1.38, eBay - BUY HERE
6. Shoes, £14.95, Gap - BUY HERE

1. Hat, £16, Mebi at Childrensalon - BUY HERE
2. Dress, £19.95, Gap (sizes 0-24 mths) - BUY HERE
3. Tights, £5.99, Zara - BUY HERE
4. Shoes, £9.95, Gap - BUY HERE

Coming up on next week's Freaky Friday, it's the BOYS turn! 
Watch this space!

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bat Boy

If you've got boys then I'm sure super heroes feature pretty heavy in their lives, so when I saw these cool pj's I knew I just had to share.

They are made by the brilliant The Bright Company who make gorgeous design led organic cotton sleepwear and bedding in the coolest of prints. Alongside illustrator Sarah Dyer they have collaborated and designed these amazing 'Bat Jyms'.

Bat Jyms, £30, The Wee Department Store

 And the 'wings' are detachable - Great idea!! So they can run around like loonies, flapping their wings (and wearing themselves out, always a bonus!) and then you can de-wing ready for bed.

They are Limited Edition, and available to pre-order exclusively from The Wee Department Store. Sizes range from 6-12 months up to 8-9 yrs.

And what with Halloween fast approaching, these are a must-buy!

Happy shopping!


Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Blouse

I've always loved a Victoriana style blouse. High necks, pretty lace inserts, maybe a slight hint of a frill. But when I was walking through Primark on Friday I literally stopped in my tracks; I spotted this beaut!

Monochrome, cool stripe-like print, 3/4 sleeve and just the right amount of frill. I've never hot-footed it to the changing room so quick! 

Blouse, £10, Primark 
(only available in store)

This blouse is only available in store, so be quick!

However, if you can't find it but still want the look, take your pick from these fab finds:

                      Blue frill, £59, Cos                                                      Green, £29.99, Zara

White, £49.99, Mango                                                       Denim, £34, Topshop

 Pale blue, £79, Gestuz                                                   Black, £28, Fashion Union

  1. Daytime denim and Converse
  2. Work style tailoring
  3.   Weekend casual skirts
  4. 'Out Out' skinnies and heels

Happy shopping!



Friday, 16 September 2016

Lottie's Looks - Rainy mornings

I have to be honest in saying that I've been quite looking forward to the change in season. Obviously I don't love the rain, but I do like September, it's one of my favourite months. Maybe it's the back to school feeling that seems to always be with me, but it reminds me of new coats, winter boots and new starts!

I've been stockpiling Autumn things for a little while now; I like to buy ahead and be prepared! And this morning, finally, Lottie could wear the start of her new season bits - rain mac and boots!

We were off to a playgroup with her #girlgang. It was still a little muggy and she's a hot being (like her mummy!) so no tights needed. She loves the camera...cheeeessee!!!

It was love at first sight when I spotted this mac, it was exactly what I was looking for - a neutral colour with an element of stripe, my perfect combo! The dress was a surprise find last week, and it fits like a glove - Lets just hope it survives the wash! I'm a sucker for clips and hairbands and these ones are nice and thick, so they actually stay put - a bug-bare of mine! And finally, a pair of navy ankle boots - a wardrobe staple, they go with everything, and the fringe trim gives them added interest.


Rubberised rain mac, £21.99, Zara

Fringe boots, £29.99, Zara

Dress, £8, Primark
(only available in store)

Hairbands, £4, M&S
(only available in store) 
Happy shopping!


Thursday, 15 September 2016

The first one...

So this is my first blog post. And my mind is a mixture of blank and racing. A notebook full of ideas and future posts, but what do I choose for my first one, my launch, my first ever step into the online blogging world?

Do I start with the amazing pom pom shoes I bought today from Kurt Geiger, that had 20% off OR the denim skirt I've been searching for since the beginning of June, and finally found in Primark, on the reduced to a fiver rail......

I could go on about how it's taken me the best part of a week to actually get to this point where I can write my first post - technology doesn't seem to be my friend! #techfail

Or tell you that Lottie said her name for the first time yesterday! With actions and everything! 'What's your name?' "Lot-t-ie" Apparently she'd said it "loads of times before", but I've not witnessed it, so I'll take that. Now, where did I put the Milestone Cards....

Instead, i'll just leave you with this.......the sentence I say at the beginning of every purchase...

I hope you enjoy my future posts....I'm just getting started.

Please comment, like, share, subscribe and all that other stuff you're meant to do.
Any questions, fire away!

I promise my next post will have lots of fab buys and pretty pictures......once I work out how to do it!

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