Thursday, 15 September 2016

The first one...

So this is my first blog post. And my mind is a mixture of blank and racing. A notebook full of ideas and future posts, but what do I choose for my first one, my launch, my first ever step into the online blogging world?

Do I start with the amazing pom pom shoes I bought today from Kurt Geiger, that had 20% off OR the denim skirt I've been searching for since the beginning of June, and finally found in Primark, on the reduced to a fiver rail......

I could go on about how it's taken me the best part of a week to actually get to this point where I can write my first post - technology doesn't seem to be my friend! #techfail

Or tell you that Lottie said her name for the first time yesterday! With actions and everything! 'What's your name?' "Lot-t-ie" Apparently she'd said it "loads of times before", but I've not witnessed it, so I'll take that. Now, where did I put the Milestone Cards....

Instead, i'll just leave you with this.......the sentence I say at the beginning of every purchase...

I hope you enjoy my future posts....I'm just getting started.

Please comment, like, share, subscribe and all that other stuff you're meant to do.
Any questions, fire away!

I promise my next post will have lots of fab buys and pretty pictures......once I work out how to do it!


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